It's nice to have a great looking bike but if its not safe and running properly...it has the potential to be hazardous to your health.

That's where Cycle Butik comes in, our experienced bike mechanics will do a safety check on your bike, determine what requires attention, give you honest advise and then repair or maintain your bike. Peace of mind is priceless, we truly care about your safety.

    Spring Tune Up - $95.00

    • Full adjustment of front and rear brakes, including; brake pad alignment and cable tension
    • Lubrication of derailleur pivots, cable and chain
    • Check tightness of all bolts
    • Inflate tires to appropriate pressure
    • Surface wipe-down of bicycle 
    • Additional charge for parts and installation

    Major Tune-up- 169.99

    Includes all of Spring Tune Up plus:

    • Wheel truing front and rear wheels
    • Replace broken spokes if required
    • Additional charge for parts and installation

      Overhaul - Complete Care - $299.99

      Includes all of Major Tune Up plus:

      • Full overhaul and rebuild of all bearing systems
      • Removal and deep cleaning of cassette, derailleur, chain, drive side crank and chain rings
      • Additional charge for parts and installation

      Drivetrain Clean (DTC) - $50

      Full degreasing and cleaning of all drivetrain parts. Lubrication re-applied.

      Vital for prolonged life of the drivetrain.

      *Only available in addition to a tune up, not sold separately.

      *Additional charge for parts and installation.

      Additional Service Options

      Wheel Truing - From $40 per wheel

      Bike box - From $50

      Brake Bleeding - From $40 (including fluid)

      Flat Tire - From $15 - $22

      Bike Assembly - From $125

      *Additional charge for parts and installation