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Cycle Butik, launched in April 2010. In 2012, we expanded our shop by moving to a bigger building, literally around the corner, from our old shop. 2749 Lake Shore Blvd West & First Street is now our new home.

For 2014, our bicycle line up includes: Devinci, Felt, Raleigh, Fuji and Hutch. Every year we continue to grow in order to bring you a larger selection of Road, Mountain, BMX, City and Hybrid bikes. We also carry a variety of Commuter, Hybrid and European City Bikes as they continue to grow in popularity.

Our bike parts, gear and clothing are carefuly selected to bring our customers the latest in technology and style for the 2014 season. If we don't have it in stock - we can get it.

We also have an onsite, full-service, Winterborne certified, repair shop that can tackle just about any repair or upgrade you bring our way. We'll keep you looking great and your bike running smoothly all year round!

In The News: Felt - UHC Nano TeXtreme®

When it comes to carbon fiber innovation, Felt is committed to never-ending improvement. This is the driving force behind our newest carbon fiber blend, UHC NanoTeXtreme®.

This new ultra-high-performance blend is the evolution of the technology that is found in our cutting-edge UHC Ultimate+Nano. This latest offering, which debuted in our new Nine FRD frameset, continues to include both high- and ultra-high-modulus uni-directional materials to maximize stiffness and minimize weight. Coupled with our proprietary Nano resin, UHC Nano TeXtreme® sets a new standard in carbon fiber frame construction.

It all begins with TeXtreme®, a new carbon fiber material manufactured by Sweden-based Oxeon. Utilized in leading-edge Formula One and aerospace equipment, this unique and patented spread-tow fabric consists of flat tapes instead of yarns of fiber. With Spread Tow fabric, more fibers can be packed into a given area than yarn. This means more fiber and less resin for a lighter and stiffer lay-up. When this tape is woven into fabric, less crimping or damage occurs. This allows higher modulus carbon to be used in a fabric.

TeXtreme® is based on Oxeon’s Tape Weaving Technology that uses tapes instead of yarn. In any given area, more fibers can be packed in tape form than in a yarn. A woven material comprising of interlacing fibrous tapes, instead of yarns, displays a substantially reduced number of interstices/openings. This means that a tape woven structure presents less accumulation of matrix at the interstices and hence increased fiber volume fraction.

Read the full article: http://felt2014.w2.wadev.com/assest_img/technology_docs/Textreme.pdf

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